China uncorks Washington’s wines

Wine BarrelWhile I’ve been enjoying the Northwest’s many fine wines for several years, a new report from the Associated Press indicates the Chinese have also taken a liking to Washington’s libations.

As the source notes, the flourishing Chinese economy has enabled many of the country’s upper-class inhabitants to begin importing wine from Seattle. While the majority of the imported spirits originate from California, several Washington-based wineries are making moves on the still-young market.

Earlier this year, representatives from wineries in Oregon and Washington visited Hong Kong and signed an agreement with the city to promote their products in the territory. Since then, the volume of imported wines from Washington grew fivefold.

“For our region, it’s about being present, and you win by being there,” Al Portney, vice president of international sales for Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, told the Associated Press.

In Washington, August is the official wine month, which means residents can purchase local bottles for discounted prices – sometimes for up to 50 percent off. Perhaps some Washington wineries will consider extending the offer to our overseas friends to help promote their products.


  1. this is great for the northwest wineries and economy!

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