Washington Wine Month starts in August

WineSince anyone who knows Naveen Jain knows I am an advocate of Washington’s many fine wineries, I am eagerly anticipating getting my hands on some high-quality spirits during Washington Wine Month in August.

In 2009, Wine Month was pushed back a month to September, but it returns to its usual August standing this year. As the Bellevue Reporter notes, residents can expect to see their liquor stores stocked up on locally grown wines at discount prices over the course of the month.

For this year’s event, more than 200 different wines will be marked down between 5 percent and 50 percent. Wineries, ranging from large producers, such as Columbia Crest, to small manufacturers, including Hyatt Vineyards, will take part in the celebration.

The Bellevue Reporter recommended checking out bottles from Washington Hills, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, Precept Brands, Barnard Griffin, Columbia Crest and Hogue Cellars.

Additionally, Big Daddy’s Place recently began taking patrons on free wine tours of the Greater Seattle area on Saturday afternoons. With Washington Wine Month around the corner, interested parties may want to consider that the tour buses will likely get quite crowded.


  1. mark thompson

    Walla Walla has some great wineries. I was just wine tasting there about a month ago. Great experience.

  2. Devin James

    Free wine tours on Saturdays! I’m in!

  3. Shelly Smith

    Makes me wish I were a wine drinker. Wine tours have always sounded like an interesting experience. Someone should have a sparkling cider tour.

  4. Peggy M.

    Oh, I love August in WA!!! Wine MOnth is one of my favorite events!

  5. Washington has some of the finest syrahs and cabernets on the market…I actually prefer ‘em to France and Chile. It’s good to know the prices are going down. WA wines tend to be kinda pricey, oddly enough.

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